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GPS directions are linked below on the Google map. Simply click the window for precise  driving directions.



From Georgetown, take Shamrock Rd, Bodden Town Rd, and Frank Sound Rd until you pass the Clifton Hunter high school. Continue north until you come to the Esso gas station on your left. Stay to the left as the road bends and you will merge onto North Side Rd. You will pass an outdoor track & field park on your right. Continue on North Side Rd until you pass Over the Edge Restaurant on your right. After passing Over the Edge, you will want to continue for approximately 1.0 mile. Look for our sign on the left side of the road. You will see a blue house with a white picket fence. Drive in and continue until you reach our development.


If you reach the North Side Health Center or the Edna Moyle primary school you have gone too far.

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